We service Kitchener- Waterloo. For areas outside K-W ( including Cambridge, Elmira, St. Jacobs, Elora, Conestogo, St. Clements, Baden and New Hamburg) there is an extra fuel service charge.

Safari Bins are designed to roll off of the truck using the trucks hydraulic system. If there is concern, we will gladly place wooden boards down for additional reassurance. Please note that every precaution is taken when delivering or picking up containers to make sure property is undamaged. However, in the case of such an occurrence, Safari Rent-A-Bin will not be held liable. These events are sometimes unavoidable due to sloped driveways, extreme weather or very heavy loads.

The Safari Bin can be placed on the road as long as you have a permit. Contact your municipality for information on obtaining a permit. Placing the bin on the lawn is possible, but we will not be responsible for any marks or depressions caused during the bin’s delivery, removal, or time spent on the lawn.

If paying by credit card, we would not require a deposit. Credit card payments can be made by phone or in person. If you wish to pay cash, we would require a deposit of $500.00 before a bin would be delivered.

After a bin is retrieved from a site, its contents are disposed of at the landfill. A dumping fee imposed by the landfill will be added to the charge of the bin rental. For credit card payment, we will contact you confirming the final amount before processing it to your card. A receipt will then be e-mailed to you.

Although there are different sizes of bins available, we will ask at the time of booking what you are disposing of. Loads cannot go above the top of the bin, for we are required to tarp the bin during transportation. Please note that the maximum weight for disposal is 3 ton regardless of the size of bin.

Each additional trip to the landfill within the rental week will cost $50.00 for transporting the bin to the landfill and back as well as the dumping fee of $88.00/tn for the dumping fee. This would be in addition to the $99.00 rental fee. Only on trip to the landfill is included in the $99.00 week long rental.

The Safari Sac is a strong flexible material made to hold smaller amounts of waste. It holds up to 1500KG or 3 cubic yards of debris. Its dimensions are 8 feet by 4 feet by 30 inches high. It is a cost effective alternative to renting a bin for smaller jobs. After receiving it, place the Sac on the driveway and fill it up. We require the sac to be no more than 12 feet away from the driveway, as we are using the trucks hydraulic system to lift it onto the truck. To schedule a pick up time, phone or contact us online.

Order a Sac by phone (519 570-4263) or online through this website. It costs $180.00 +HST which includes delivery, pick up and landfill fees.

No, because Waste Management facilities require that recyclable materials are separate from other waste.

Clean fill consists of materials such as dirt, sod, sand and gravel. Removal of these materials must be separate from other waste products. For example, if you are replacing a driveway, you would have to order one bin to have the asphalt removed and another bin for the underlying dirt.

Hazardous waste such as batteries, asbestos, chemicals, pesticides, paint, propane tanks, tires, appliances and e-waste (computers, TV’s etc.) are not permitted. If you have such Items, please call the office and we can arrange to pick up separately or give direction on how to safely dispose of them.

Delivery times are between 8:00am and 4:00pm. We try to accommodate requests when orders are placed.